Finish line!

Woohoo! We made it through our first year of homeschool! Even better, my husband also finished his PhD. this May! I’m so proud of our family, and excited as we look to the future. Seriously, SO MUCH has happened since my last post – surgery for me, an ER trip for baby girl, wrapping up kindergarten with T-man, it has been a whirlwind these last few months to say the least. I thought I’d just share a little re-cap of our adventures in picture form:

Field trips to the Children’s Museum and our local library. I just love where we live and all the resources around us!

Sister loves the library! Apparently this is her signature pose. She is too much, y’all!

The weather has been ah-mazing! We’ve been soaking up these long days. We’ve enjoyed hiking, park times, strawberry picking, and some good ole’ honeysuckle in our backyard.


So proud of herself, using her shoe as a rock collector! Too cute for words.


Golf cart drivin’!

THIS HAPPENED!!! I couldn’t be more proud! He has worked tirelessly for this moment, and I haven’t always been gracious and understand, yet he persevered. I’m so so so proud of my Dr. Hubby!

More graduation pictures!

Sister whacked her head on the corner of a door frame in our house. The result was A LOT of blood, a trip to the ER, and three stitches. Also her darling little pink monogrammed dress was ruined, but I’m so glad she wasn’t hurt worse. She was a total champ through the whole thing! My baby is BRAVE!


We had pizza and a movie night at our sweet friends’ home. Turner and Timm had to hide behind the pillows during the “scary” parts of Moana. We are so thankful for friends that love on our kids!


Lots of play dates! I love this pic of T with my friends’ little girls. He is so kind and gentle with them, it makes my momma heart melt.

We enjoyed story time in The Grove – a beautiful, natural play area in our community. They read four cooking/food related books – included a favorite Dragons Love Tacos, and made a taco craft after. There were a lot of kids, so they also had a big parachute, balls, and hula hoops to entertain them if they had to wait to get to the craft table. It was so much fun, and FREE!

Mostly this summer, I plan to enjoy fun days with my kids! Turner got to a pretty frustrated place with school and reading toward the end of our year, so I’m just taking a few steps back, and enjoying them. In addition, we will be taking a trip to St. Louis in a few weeks, and are gearing up for that! What are your summer plans?


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